Inheritance Act Claims

The affairs of loved ones and the administration of their estates are frequently the subject of uncertainty if not full-blown disputes. This requires discrete advice, sensitively delivered, and here at Morrisons we can offer you great expertise in this field and adopt non-court processes where that is possible.

You may have many questions about a Will of a loved one, for example: Is there a Will? What does the Will mean? Is it still valid? Has it been signed and witness correctly? What if someone has been missed out? Does it make proper financial provisions? Is it ambiguous or wrong? Are the Executors and Trustees doing their job properly? Does the Will comply with the law? Was there undue influence or coercion? Was the nature of the Will and the size of the estate understood? What was the state of health at the time the Will was written? Are there business assets or assets of an unusual nature? Was the Will homemade? Has somebody gone missing?

Are you the Executor of a Will that is being challenged? Has a loved one or family member left you out of the Will? Are you owed money from an estate?

Are you a Trustee having problems with a beneficiary? Are you a beneficiary having problems with a Trustee?

Is someone appointed under a Power of Attorney doing a proper job?

We pride ourselves on achieving practical solutions, and our experienced lawyers are members of the specialist bodies Resolution and STEP – Society of trust and estate Practitioners. We take referrals from other solicitors who do not carry out this work.

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