HR support

You may require telephone or email advice on HR issues arising in your business. We offer a fast response to ensure you receive the advice when you need it and we can also assist in the preparation of appropriate letters or emails.

You can be sure of practical advice on any employment law issue from recruitment through to termination, on subjects such as pre-employment health questions, discrimination in recruitment and in employment, assisting with grievance and disciplinary issues, managing capability, sickness, misconduct and redundancy procedures, and advising you on negotiated exists and references. Our team are also tactically adept and will seek to ensure that situations are managed in such a way so as to put you in the best position in the event that litigation is commenced against you. If you require regular advice from us we can agree an annual fixed fee service to give you the level of support that you need via MorrHR Protect.

Telephone: 01737 854 500
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