Employment tribunal litigation

Employment tribunal claims are often costly and time consuming to defend. Even if you win, it is unlikely you will recover your legal costs, and if you lose you could also be required to make a large compensation payment. This means that resolving claims from the outset is often a viable commercial solution. We therefore recommend that you contact us as soon as you receive an employment tribunal claim.

However, should you decide to robustly defend a claim, we are able to represent you in tribunal proceedings. You can rely on us for skilled judgment and lateral thinking in preparing your case. The credentials and confidence of our team means that we are taken seriously by our competitors and we will be taken seriously by your adversaries.

We have extensive experience of defending and also negotiating settlements in all types of employment tribunal claims such as constructive/unfair dismissal, discrimination claims and claims of unlawful deductions from wages. Whether you wish to settle a claim or to fight it at tribunal, we will advise you on an appropriate strategy.

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