Constructive Dismissal claims

Constructive dismissal is when you are forced to leave your job because of how you have been treated when this treatment amounts to a fundamental breach of your contract of employment.  There are various situations in which this can arise e.g. being subjected to a pay cut, your employer taking no action to protect you against bullying or harassment or being moved to a different job to which you object.  Many employees feel they cannot continue working in such a situation but are also reluctant to terminate their employment when they have no job to go to.

We can assist you in negotiating a settlement with your employer to include an agreed reference, before you terminate your employment.  We can also provide advice if you decide to terminate your employment and file a tribunal claim.

However, you need to act quickly whether you are thinking of leaving and filing a tribunal claim or offering to terminate your employment with a settlement, because if you delay, your employer and any tribunal may consider that you have accepted the situation. Once you have terminated your employment you have three months less one day, to notify your claim to ACAS.

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