Client peace of mind underpins Morrisons’ approach to Wills.

By taking advice from a qualified solicitor, making a Will can be simple and straightforward; giving clients absolute confidence they have control over their estate.

But despite the ease with which a Will can be created, it is estimated by the National Consumer Council that more than two-thirds of British adults have not made one.

Some Will facts:

  • It is a common misconception that, in the absence of a Will, your estate passes to your surviving spouse or civil partner
  • Government figures suggest there are currently 3,600 spouses and civil partners at risk of losing their family home to meet claims as a result of intestacy – the legal definition for dying without making a will
  • When the consequences of dying without a Will are considered – confusion, distress, legal battles over assets and even financial hardship – their importance becomes clear

For those who have worked hard to build up savings, investments and other assets over their lifetime, failure to make a Will can result in needless sums being paid in tax or legal fees, instead of going to loved ones and good causes.

At Morrisons, our STEP-qualified trust and estate-planning experts ensure assets are distributed exactly as clients intend. Our advice will also guard against any unwanted claims on an estate, even in the most complex of situations.

In business a Will should also be an essential part of succession planning. Our specialist lawyers work with our Corporate & Commercial department and your corporate advisers to maximise any tax-saving opportunities.

For further information regarding writing your Will you may find our Will questionnaire helpful.

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