Trusts for disabled individuals

Several Morrisons solicitors are listed on MENCAP’s register of specialist lawyers who advise on issues affecting the disabled and vulnerable.

It is vital that the vulnerable individuals and those with a disability, and those closest to them, seek specialist advice regarding future financial arrangements. We’re experienced at providing advice in a sensitive and discrete manner.

A number of our lawyers specialise in advising disabled individuals and their loved ones in respect of their Wills and the tax treatment of trusts for the disabled. In particular, we can assist in preparing Wills to ensure that individuals who are in receipt of means-tested benefits can still be adequately provided for without affecting their entitlement to benefits.

We can also advise on the use of Disabled Persons’ Trusts, which make the person with the disability the principal beneficiary. Using this type of trust means a beneficiary does not lose their entitlement to benefits.

The taxation regime applicable to Disabled Persons’ Trusts is generally more favourable than other trusts but there is a balance to be achieved between the type of trust that may be most suitable and the taxation associated with that trust. Our experts can offer sympathetic and specialist advice to guide you through the complex and competing issues when providing for disabled and vulnerable loved ones.

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