Road Traffic Accidents

During 2014 alone, there were around 194,000 road traffic accidents, many of which resulted in serious injuries to drivers and or, passengers. Frequently, accidents are caused by a driver’s failure to adhere to the Highway Code, speeding, mobile phone use whilst driving, defective vehicles and not failure to have a proper look out to name a few.

Even after what is considered to be a minor Whiplash injury, a Claimant can be left with disabling symptoms that can prevent them from either returning to work, looking after their families or pursuing their hobbies. We consistently see clients with life changing injuries sustained as a result of negligent driving. Many of those injured also suffer with recognised Psychiatric injury following road traffic accidents and they need ongoing care and rehabilitation.

We are in contact with the appropriate Medical and Rehabilitation Experts. We aim to obtain an early interim payment for our injured Clients and we can also offer Conditional Fee Agreements.

At Morrisons, we are here to help you and we can talk through the claim process.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a road traffic accident through negligence, please contact our specialist Personal Injury Lawyers. We are available on 0208 971 1030 at our Wimbledon office or at our Redhill office on 01737 854 500. We can also meet Clients at our Woking or Teddington offices as well as at home or in hospitals if necessary.

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