We all experience ups and downs in life and sometimes the downs can be because of an accident.

Accidents resutling in an injury can sometimes be the fault of another individual or organisation. If you have been physically hurt or traumatised by an accident, making a personal injury claim can result in you being properly compensated for your injuries and suffering.

Making a Personal Injury claim is a highly specialised area of law. We will ensure that you will have direct contact with your case handler to monitor the progress of your claim at all times. You will be able to arrange meetings at any of our five offices, or where necessary in a visit to your home.

Our team will take every step necessary to hasten the successful conclusion of your claim and we are happy to act on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis, so there will be no risk to you if you are unsucessful. If financial problems are caused by a personal injury we will press for an early interim payment of damages through the courts. Wherever possible we will work to obtain early funding for rehabilitative treatment at no cost to you and always aim to secure maximum damages for you.

What sets Morrisons’ Personal Injury Team apart from other lawyers?

We offer a free no obligation initial assessment of your claim by one of our specialists, who have over 30 years’ experience dealing with these claims.

Our approach is friendly and personal and we understand how difficult these situations can be.

You will be able to have direct contact with your case handler to monitor the progress of your claim.

We provide outstanding service to our clients; our recent client feedback includes ‘exceptional service’, ‘clear and concise’ advice, ‘empathetic and understanding’.

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