Workplace disputes

We provide advice on workplace disputes, such as disputes about pay or working conditions, changes to your workforce’s terms and conditions, or those that may arise during large scale exits, restructuring or upon transfers of employment.

We will help you to understand and negotiate the framework in which such disputes are conducted, for example via collective bargaining, the internal grievance procedure or through any other dispute resolution mechanisms that may be unique to your organisation.

We will ensure that you are at all times fully advised of the strength of your legal position and that, in that context, you are aware of the approaches you can take in the negotiations and the risks and benefits associated with each approach.

We will work with you to identify what you wish to achieve and, in view of all of the facts, consider and discuss with you the steps that will be necessary in order to help you to get there.

We will also advise you of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as workplace mediation, and, where appropriate, will support and advise you through such procedures.

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