Post termination employee restrictions

We will provide you with advice on how to protect what are very often your business’s most valuable assets: its clients, customers, key staff, confidential information and intellectual property.

The general position is that post termination contract clauses preventing ex-employees from competing with you are void because they are anti – competition. However companies are entitled to protect their business interests. We will provide you with effective contract clauses preventing your employees and ex- employees from soliciting or dealing with your clients, misusing your confidential information, ‘poaching’ your skilled employees and in certain situations preventing them from competing with you.

We can advise on whether existing restrictive covenants are likely to be enforceable.

You may be faced with an employee or ex employee taking your clients or misusing your confidential information to divert your business. You need to act promptly and we will work with you, if necessary instigating court proceedings with our Dispute Resolution Team in order to stop damage being caused to your business.

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