Company insolvency

We provide advice to employers on their obligations towards employees in insolvency situations. This includes advising on whether contracts will terminate automatically, whether any redundancy procedure is necessary including any collective redundancy consultation, any notifications that must be made to the secretary of state, advising you of what payments should be made to the employees or whether, in some cases, the state itself will pick up the costs associated with any employee terminations from the National Insurance Fund.

We can also provide advice to you if you are considering buying an insolvent company, for example from pre-pack administration, and advise you in relation to your obligations towards any of the insolvent company’s present or former employees including whether you are responsible for employing or making payments to them.

Where, upon disposing of or acquiring an insolvent business, you are faced with the threat of employment tribunal claims – perhaps from former employees arguing that they should be employed by you – we can advise you in relation to that and can assist in defending any claims where appropriate.

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