ACAS Pre-Claim Conciliation

We can provide support and assistance with ACAS pre-claim or early conciliation.

Before any employee can bring an employment tribunal claim s/he must notify ACAS who will endeavour to conciliate settlement between the parties. Since the introduction of pre-claim conciliation, employees have used the process as a tactic for threatening employment tribunal claims against employers. It is at this stage that expert advice on the value and merits of claims becomes essential. You may decide to settle so as to avoid tribunal proceedings or to wait and see if the employee does incur the cost of filing a tribunal claim against you.

Our experience in undertaking pre-claim conciliation will help secure you a better result and greater protection in any agreed settlement. You can rely on our knowledge of the law and latest trends for settlement to bring you a positive outcome. You can have confidence in our record of achieving low settlement figures and withdrawals and leave the burden of conciliation in safe hands.

Once negotiation has been successful, we can assist you with ensuring the best possible terms by way of a settlement agreement.

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