Buying the freehold of your house

If you are a tenant, our experienced and dedicated team of specialists can help guide you through the complicated process of buying the freehold of your house.

Tenants can purchase the freehold of their house if the property has a long lease and applies whether or not you actually live there. A “long lease” is a lease that was originally granted for 21 years or more.We will serve and respond to the required notices.

In most cases the price is agreed, but if the price cannot be agreed, the landlord or the tenant can ask the Property Tribunal to decide what it should be. We can assist in making the application and, if required, have specialist advocates that can represent you at the hearing to secure the best outcome for you.

Once the price is decided we can then take care of agreeing the remaining terms of transferring the freehold, dealing with completion and all formalities at the Land Registry.

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