What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal process to assist couples to communicate with each other and to reach informed decisions about their finances, their children or any other matters. It is a voluntary and informal alternative to court proceedings Meetings take place with one or two trained and neutral Mediators who will act as facilitators and will assist you and your partner to try to resolve any dispute that has arisen. Most couples need between three and six mediation sessions to come to a set of proposals. The sessions usually last for one and a half hours.

This can be a very quick and cost effective way to resolve issues as the couple pays for the mediation sessions, rather than each paying for solicitors separately to handle their divorce through the court process.

It is never too late to start mediation, even if Court proceedings are already underway. Courts like parties to try Mediation.

You may find it useful to see the Ministry of Justice's recently launched video entitled ‘Making the Family Justice System more Effective’ - please click here to view.

Why go to Mediation?

  • Couples retain control over decisions affecting their future
  • Mediation can occur quickly and at short notice.
  • Mediators can suggest practical solutions that a Judge could not suggest or impose.
  • Mediation costs are considerably less than the expense of going to Court.
  • Mediation does not involve going to Court and therefore removes unpleasantness that can be attached to Court proceedings.
  • The success rate for cases settling is very high.
  • Parties are encouraged to retain the benefit of independent legal advice throughout and need not feel pressurised.
  • Experience shows that parties are much happier with a Mediated settlement as they have taken part in the process.

Mediation at Morrisons

If you are an existing client we can assist you with legal advice through the mediation process – please ask for details.

If you are not an existing client or if you are a solicitor seeking mediation for a client our resident Mediator Anne-Lise Wall can help. We offer a fixed fee service for each Mediation session and can offer Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs). For more information, please call Anne-Lise on 020 8614 4570 or email

If you are considering Mediation and would like to hear more about mediation and the service we offer please email Anne-Lise or telephone her on 020 8943 1441.

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