Family Law Arbitration

Arbitration is when parties enter into an agreement under which they appoint a neutral Arbitrator to adjudicate a dispute and make a binding award. It can be as simple or as complex needed and there is always a result.

Choice and Continuity
If you would like to take the route of Arbitration, you can choose your own Arbitrator and they will deals with all stages of the process.

You will have the opportunity to discuss and agree a timetable with your Arbitrator, this process will be much faster than going through a court.

We will ensure that your Arbitration process is kept confidential at all times. Should you wish to go through the courts this is unlikely. Judges have been known to recommend Arbitration for this reason.

We will discuss costs with you upfront and will keep them at a fixed rate where possible.

Your Arbitrator will set your procedure according to what is needed in your case. You will define and limit the scope of what is to be done. Your Arbitrator will deal with everything else.

Your Arbitrator represents nobody and acts independently, according to the laws of England & Wales.

It Binds
You will agree to be bound by the decision from the Arbitrator and agree to convert it to a court order should this be needed.

Court Support
Judges like Arbitration and there are court rules in place to help this process.

Malcolm Martin, one of our partners is a qualified Family Law Arbitrator and can assist other lawyers or parties direct. Please speak to him about the process and the fixed costs.

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