Collaborative Law

The Ethos

  • Discussions in good faith
  • Treating each other with respect, retaining dignity and self worth.
  • Finding solutions for the future, not punishing your partner or yourself over past issues and actions
  • A more holistic approach; if necessary a Family Consultant can give one or both of you the emotional support to work through personal or marital issues
  • No litigation
  • Working as a team exchanging financial papers and information in an open and honest way
  • Equal responsibility for input and resolution

The Process

  • No correspondence apart from administrative requirements
  • Agenda set by Collaborative Lawyers for First Four Way Meeting and thereafter agreed by all at the end of each Four Way Meeting
  • Pre Meetings: client/solicitor and solicitor/solicitor
  • Four (or Five) Way Meetings, with both Partners and both solicitors present (and a Family Consultant)
  • Debrief Meetings: client/solicitor and solicitor/solicitor/Family Consultant
  • Minutes prepared and circulated after each Four Way Meeting.
  • Payment for the collaborative process: funds to be made available for both parties' costs

*Interest-based negotiations (and not positional)

The Aim

  • To achieve a fair, negotiated agreement on all issues for the benefit of the whole family to enable both Partners to move on in their lives
  • To help both parents to maintain their relationships with their children
  • To avoid the stress and high financial cost of a lengthy Court dispute
  • To reach agreement which will be embodied in a Separation Agreement or Consent Order once the process has been discussed and agreed

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