Bullying and Harassment at Work

You may be the victim of bullying if you are being picked on, isolated or intimidated at work. This can be raised informally or formally with your employer as a formal grievance. If you are still employed, we can help you in raising a grievance with your employer, particularly if your company does not have a formal grievance procedure or if the dispute is serious.

If the problem continues or if you have already left your job because of the bullying, then we can assist you with understanding your employment rights. If the bullying or harassment amounts to unlawful discrimination you may have a claim for discrimination. In some circumstances an employer’s treatment of an employee is so poor that the employee’s position becomes untenable. If this is the case, you may have a claim for constructive unfair dismissal. Such claims require the employee to have resigned in response to the treatment without delay and there are strict deadlines by which you must notify your claim to ACAS. Therefore it is important to seek advice promptly.

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