ACAS Early Conciliation and Negotiating and Negotiating a Settlement of you claims

Before filing a claim at an employment tribunal you must notify ACAS via their Early Conciliation website ACAS will try to settle your claim with the respondent who is normally your employer. However the ACAS Conciliation Officer will not be aware of the details of your claim or its merits/likely award and so there is a risk that you may not be aware of its settlement value and agree terms that are significantly less than you may be awarded if successful at tribunal.

We can assist you in valuing your claim and settlement tactics to maximise what the respondent will pay you. We can also advise you on the written settlement agreement (called a COT3) which is a legally binding document. For example you may want to agree a reference with your employer and if so it is a good idea to attach this to the agreement. If you do not agree settlement and decide to file a tribunal claim we can assist you by confirming your deadline, preparing your claim form (called an ET1) and representing you at tribunal.

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