Contested Probate, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Inheritance Act Claims

Disputes relating to the administration of estates can be difficult and upsetting. We will deal with these matters sensitively and with discretion, avoiding litigation wherever possible to preserve family relationships. Our experienced lawyers are members of specialist bodies Resolution (Solicitors Family Law Association) and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

We can help you with:
• claims where a will has not been signed or witnessed correctly
• claims regarding lack of mental capacity
• disputes over the identification of beneficiaries
• claims by and against executors
• where executors are not doing anything at all, or are doing it badly
• claims involving property dispositions made prior to death
• ambiguous, home-made, and unqualified “will-writer” prepared wills

Inheritance Act Claims

If you have recently lost a loved family member, dealing with a claim on that person’s estate can feel like the last straw; whether you are in the position of having to make, or defend, a claim.

Inheritance claims can be brought on the ground that adequate financial provision has not been made for a person who was being supported by the deceased at the date of death.

Claims can be brought:
• whether or not there is a Will in existence
• by a current or former husband or wife (including a same-sex civil partner)
• by a cohabitee of more than two years
• by an adult or minor child of the deceased, or other dependants.

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