Telecoms - Making the most of your mast

Are you maximising the value of telecoms equipment installed on your land? Have you experienced difficulties in removing the apparatus from your land, or dealing with requests to upgrade or add to it? If so, contact our specialist team of lawyers for advice. We can:
• Advise landowners on their obligations and rights under the Electronic Communications Code;
• Negotiate and conclude agreements with operators for the installation or retention of telecoms equipment;
• Enforce the removal of telecoms equipment from land;
• Recover compensation from operators on behalf of our clients;
• Advise on issues arising out of network sharing, such as the upgrading and addition of new equipment and the sharing of the network infrastructure.

The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving. With the introduction of new technologies, trends towards network consolidation and the application of a complicated and uncertain legal framework, it is easy for landowners to feel left behind. We can ensure that you know how to “make the most of your mast”.

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