A&E Negligence

In the vast majority of cases, patients who attend an Accident & Emergency Department will receive the best of care. There are times however, when that care received falls below an acceptable standard.

We act for Clients where for example a fracture was missed in A/E, or they were negligently discharged home. The consequence of this medical negligence can have a profound affect upon Client’s life, their recovery and their ability to get on with their life.

Some Orthopaedic fractures should not be missed and should be treated promptly. Imagine, if you suffered a fractured scaphoid and this went undetected for a number of years? Then when you finally received a diagnosis, you had to have several operations to try and align the fracture? You could be left with a continuing disability?

Imagine if you had a fractured hip that was not diagnosed properly, or a fractured ankle that went undiagnosed? Imagine if the delay in that diagnosis made a material contribution to the extent of your injury, or your pain or injury was exacerbated to the point where you were unable to work, look after your family, or required care?

Imagine if you had Appendicitis that was not diagnosed in a timely manner and you suffered a perforated Appendix, resulting in Peritonitis and or, an abdominal abscess? Or, if you had suffered a bowel perforation during earlier surgery and you attended A/E because you were very unwell and then you ere discharged home? Each of these scenario have serious consequences for clients including pain, suffering including Psychiatric injury and sometimes loss of amenity?

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